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Patent Agent/Patent Investigator:

     Infringement Searches
     Validity Searches
     State-of-the-Art/Patentability/Novelty Searches
     Patent Application Preparation
     Amendment Preparation


Alfred Gluecksmann has five years of experience in chemical research and twenty years of experience in patent research and procurement as it relates to chemical technology.

Alfred has for 18 years managed his firm's patent liaison office in Crystal City, Virginia where he was responsible for the supervision of a patent investigator, a trademark investigator, and secretarial staff. Alfred was furthermore active as a patent investigator himself; was involved in patent prosecution related matters having prepared approximately 45 patent applications and having also been involved in preparation of responses to office actions. Additionally Alfred was also active translating patents and technical literature from German, Portuguese and Spanish into English as he is fluent in these languages.

In the last three years Alfred also gained experience as a contracts administrator having developed a data base for approximately 800 contracts analyzed by himself.

A native of Bolivia where his German parents had emigrated in 1938, Alfred moved to Argentina and subsequently to São Paulo, Brazil where he completed his high school education plus one year in a technical institute specializing in chemical technology.

Upon arrival in the United States in 1962, Alfred was selected to work at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research through a National Science Foundation program designed to give outstanding high school students an opportunity to acquire early hands on exper ience in biochemical research.

Alfred graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Chemistry. His continuing education comprises computer programming courses.

In 1991, Alfred passed the Patent Bar Exam and became thereby registered to practice.

Alfred brings with him a unique combination of linguistic talents as well as scientific/legal qualifications and experience which empower him in the specialized area of intellectual property protection so as to render him an asset particularly to an employer/client requiring this unique blend of language skills and investigative abilities.